Meal Prep Services by Chef Rondeno

Meal Prep Services in Los Angeles CA

Rondeno Personal Chef Service Home Meal Plans Include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Menu planning
  • Shopping for the freshest ingredients seasonally available
  • Packaging and storing of meals for your convenience
  • Detailed heating instructions

#1 – Introductory Meal Service

4 portions total (4 meals for one, 2 meals for two,). Includes 2 entrees, 4 portions each with side dish. Ideal for sampling my personal chef services with minimal cost or as a gift for someone special!


#2 – Custom Service 1 Service

10 portions total (10 meals for one, 5 meals for two). Includes 5 entrees, 2 portions each with side dishes. Great for a single professional getting through the week.


#3 – Custom Price 2 Service

6 portions total (6 meals for one, 3 meals for two). Includes 6 entrees: 2 portions each with side dishes. Perfect if you’re looking for variety in your menu! A couple could eat well for a week with this package!


#4 – Standard Service

20 portions total (20 meals for one, 10 meals for two). Includes 10 entrees, 2 portions of each with side dishes. Our most popular package. A couple can eat gourmet every day for an entire week!


*Special diets and organic meal planning will be an additional $40-$60 per service.
*Grocery costs are extra cost above service fee.
*Servings will include multiple entree’s one side dish unless the entree includes a vegetable or starch – casserole, pasta, etc. Unless otherwise changes are agreed upon by chef and client in writing.
*All prices are subject to change.
Email me at by Friday to start the plan for the week. Meals are delivered on Monday.

Menu of the Week – April 6, 2020

 Coconut red curry, basmati rice, shrimp, long beans
 Beef Bolognese, orecchiette pasta, pecorino cheese, asparagus
 Chermoula spiced chicken, lentils, roasted brussels sprouts, spinach
Lamb Bones, saffron rice, black currants, charred broccolini, fresh herbs
BBQ salmon, sweet potato hash, zucchini, eggplant, fresh herbs
 Butternut squash, lentils, charred eggplant, roasted peppers, spiced yogurt
Pasta, arugula pesto, grilled shrimp, parmesan cream , English peas
Snapper, Fregola, pistachio, almonds, golden raisins, roasted carrots salad
 Crabcakes, quinoa tabbouleh, broccolini, Fresh herbs, lemon zest, remoulade sauce
Coffee Spiced steak, Molasses- soy jus, collard greens, fingerling potato, heirloom carrots