Meal Prep Services by Chef Rondeno

Meal Prep Services in Los Angeles CA

Rondeno Personal Chef Service Home Meal Plans Include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Menu planning
  • Shopping for the freshest ingredients seasonally available
  • Packaging and storing of meals for your convenience
  • Detailed heating instructions

#1 – Introductory Meal Service

8 portions total (8 meals for one, 4 meals for two,). Includes 2 entrees, 4 portions each with side dish. Ideal for sampling my personal chef services with minimal cost or as a gift for someone special!


#2 – Custom Service 1 Service

12 portions total (12 meals for one, 6 meals for two). Includes 3 entrees, 4 portions each with side dishes. Great for a single professional getting through the week.


#3 – Custom Price 2 Service

8 portions total (8 meals for one, 4 meals for two). Includes 4 entrees: 2 portions each with side dishes. Perfect if you’re looking for variety in your menu! A couple could eat well for a week with this package!


#4 – Standard Service

20 portions total (20 meals for one, 10 meals for two). Includes 10 entrees, 2 portions of each with side dishes. Our most popular package. A couple can eat gourmet every day for an entire week!


*Special diets and organic meal planning will be an additional $40-$60 per service.
*Grocery costs are extra cost above service fee.
*Servings will include multiple entree’s one side dish unless the entree includes a vegetable or starch – casserole, pasta, etc. Unless otherwise changes are agreed upon by chef and client in writing.
*All prices are subject to change.
Email me at by Friday to start the plan for the week. Meals are delivered on Monday.

Menu of the Week – January 21, 2019

GF* Salmon, tomatillo salsa, sweet potato, asparagus

GF*Chicken cacciatore, sweet peppers, basmati rice, green beans

Lamb shoulder, fregola, zaatar. swiss chard
GF* Roasted garlic chicken, lentils, swiss chard
 Pasta, fennel sausage, sage, and butternut squash
 Cavatelli, prosciutto, mushroom, mascarpone
GF* Butter lettuce, fig, orange, goat cheese, grilled asparagus
GF*Polenta Cakes, cauliflower, pomegranate, lemon yogurt
GF*Sweet potato gnocchi, sage, walnuts, green beans
GF* Jicama and grapefruit salad, cilantro, long green beans, sesame seeds